Affiliate Program FAQs

1. How much does the TRAVELTOILETRYKITS.COM Affiliate Program cost to join?

The Affiliate Program is FREE. There is no charge for program set up or administration. If your site generates sales for us, you generate income!

2. What's the commission structure?

This varies from time to time. As present, Commissions paid on sales generated by affiliates are set at 7.5%. We may also occasionally pay a bonus to our affiliates for noteworthy achievements such as generating substantial traffic, bringing in new customers, promoting the most sales, etc.

3. Do you pay commissions on the order total or order subtotal?

At this point in time, commissions will be paid only on order subtotals. No commissions will be paid on shipping charges or sales taxes where applicable.

4. How often do I get paid?

Unlike with other affiliate programs, you do not have to wait a lifetime to receive your first commission check. With the TRAVELTOILETRYKITS.COM affiliate program, you will receive a check monthly when the commission total has reached $10.00.

5. How do I sign up?

Read the TRAVELTOILETRYKITS.COM Affiliate Program Terms and let us know that you agree to its provisions and conditions by submitting an online application. You'll hear from us via email within 2 business days. Please note that if you provide incorrect information on your application, your affiliate agreement will be void and you will not receive payment from TRAVELTOILETRYKITS.COM.

6. Who does all the work?

WE do! TRAVELTOILETRYKITS.COM will keep track of all of the sales generated from your site. The only thing you have to do is properly install and maintain your links using the code provided to you.

7. How exactly does the sales tracking system work?

When TRAVELTOILETRYKITS.COM provides you with the code for you to use in linking to our website, it will contain an ID code or number to identify you/your website to the TRAVELTOILETRYKITS.COM system. When a visitor clicks on a link to us at your website, the ID from your link is immediately recorded as a basis for tracking the visitor's subsequent purchase activity at our website. Any sales made to this customer will then be recorded by TRAVELTOILETRYKITS.COM, along with the ID from your link, the order number, the customer's name, and the order subtotal (minus any taxes, shipping fees, etc.). That way, we always know if a customer you sent to us has placed an order, when, and for how much.

8. Do you use tracking cookies to monitor a visitor's purchase activity at your website? If so, how long does this cookie last?

Yes. A cookie is deposited on the shopper's computer and identifies them as they move through our store. It also enables our store to recognize the customer if they leave, then return to our website directly while their basket is still active - even if they have not added any items to the basket. The basket remains in active for as long as the customer is actively browsing in the store, and for 24 hours after they leave. Thus, if they left and then came back to our website directly (not through your site) 16 hours later, and completed an order, you would still get credit for their order because 24 hours had not passed and so the cookie had not yet expired.

And of course, if they return to our website through your website, and then completed an order, you would earn a commission no matter how much time had elapsed because a new cookie would have been created.

Note: If a shopper has cookies turned off, their orders cannot be tracked and their visit will not be recorded. The affiliate referring them will not be credited for the referral, or for any order they may place.

9. How do I know that the sales I generate are properly recorded?

TRAVELTOILETRYKITS.COM use the MIVA shopping cart system to manage it's affiliate program and network. This is one of the most widely used and reliable shopping cart systems available to online merchants. This insures accurate commission calculations. Also, your password-protected online activity reports are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the TRAVELTOILETRYKITS.COM system.

10. Can I link to specific product categories or products and still earn commissions?

Yes. First, just go to our website and click through to the page that you want to link to (category, product, etc.). Copy and paste that link from your browser address bar into a text editor such as Windows Notepad.  Now, on the end of that link, add the following:


Be sure to replace [AffiliateID] with your unique Affiliate ID code (the same as your affiliate login name).

So, for example, if your Affiliate ID was Jones, an Affiliate link to the Deodorant Category Page would look like this:

This is the link that you would then place on your website. And any visitor to our website using this link would be tracked by our system, and so any purchases of Deodorants, or any other products, from our website would earn you commissions, as long as the visitor navigated through our website from this original link.

11. Can I get commissions on sales made to customers I send to you, but who make their payments offline via check, money order, or over the phone?

Not at this time, no. However, such sales currently account for only about 5% of all of our sales anyhow. In other words, around 95% of our sales involve customers paying online via credit card or PayPal. All of these types of sales are eligible for commissions. Note: Customers who pay via PayPal sometimes forget to press the button that returns them to our website, after they have made their PayPal payment. When that happens, the order is not recorded as completed and so technically no commission would be recorded. Unfortunately, this problem results from a design flaw in the PayPal payment system, and is beyond our control. However, we are usually aware immediately when this happens and can and will manually record the commission earned for any affiliates that are affected by this problem.

12. What kind of websites can participate?

If you own a quality web site that does not promote violence or "adult" content, you should be accepted into the program without any problems-see the Affiliate Program Terms for details and acceptance criteria.

13. Can international sites participate?

Yes, if your website is based in Canada (or Puerto Rico). Otherwise, no.


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