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LightLoad Towels Three Pack - Three 12 by 24 in (30by60cm) Towels
LightLoad Towels Three Pack - Three 12 by 24 in (30by60cm) Towels Quantity in Basket: None
Code: LL-091227-621
Price: $3.73
Put a handful of Lightload Towel hand towels in your pocket and still have room for your keys and money.
  • Each towel is contained in a 1 3/4" diameter, 1/2" thick waterproof package.
  • Each towel is large enough to cut into two 12 by 12 inch (30by30cm) towels.
  • One for the cook set, one for the first aid kit and one for general use
  • The only travel towel suitable for any indoor or outdoor activity
  • Considered one of the essential accessories for survival kit packing
  • Many uses including a ground cloth for concerts, flag for signaling, blanket for covering, fire starter, wind scarf, insulation, bug repellent, sun bloc, strainer, mask, and much more.
  • Stores easily so save them for a rainy day.
  • Each towel is 12 inches X 24 inches.
Washable and reusable. But inexpensive enough that after a trip you can just throw them away. If you decide to wash them, do so by hand and hang dry.

LightLoad Towels are also Eco friendly: biodegradable and compostable.

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