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Tropical Waters Cooling Mist by Terry Jacobs
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Developed by Terry Jacobs, internationally renowned make-up artist.

Glamour, Allure and other national publications have featured Terry, whose client roster includes Miss Universe, as well as actresses Raquel Welch and Kathleen Turner, and television stars Maria Shriver and Deborah Norville. Her male clients range from Al Gore, Newt Gingrich, and Jeb Bush to Dan Marino and John Madden.

Tropical Waters is a unique & refreshing blend of healing and soothing aloe, hydrating herbs, infused with cooling mints.

After workouts, or at the beach, it cools you down and heals the burn.

In your hair, it perks up curls, revives waves, smooths the frizz.

Available in three cool formulas!

Tropical Waters is made available on by special arrangement with Ms. Jacobs.

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